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carnel is part of the Metazine collective. Visit the Metazine site for more great zines.

Other zines

Imazine is the UK's (if not the world's) premier RPG discussion zine. It usually has at least one gem per issue. All issues are available for download as a PDF.

I also write a fanzine called Saint Sebastian that is published to a hopeful monthly schedule.

Infinite Threads is a former paper games zine that has switched to the web, it needs support if it is survive.

If you hate lo-fi fanzines and want more sophitiscated RPG reading then why don't you try

If you want a general RPG fanzine with high production values and great material you better start your own.

Other Links

I write comic reviews for Zum! a former paper review that is turning into a pretty impressive online archive of small-press, independent and underground comics. Please have a look around, click the logos to enter the site. The navigation is arty rather than practical so use this link to go straight to the alphabetical index.

Link Exchange

I sometimes get asked to exchange links with other sites. I'm happy to do so if the site seems legit however the links are not necessarily endorsed by me, they just seem interesting.

Lords of Conquest
Link: Lords of Conquest. These guys are offering free play by web strategy games.