CARNEL Issue Index

This is a quick guide to all the carnel issues that so far have been produced.

Note that figures for the number in stock are very approximate and that I only update them from time to time so they may not be an accurate reflection of what is available. Feel free to drop me a line to enquire about any issue you may be interested in.

Back Issues
Issue Number Sub-Title Contents Webpage No. in stock
42 Untitled Summary to come
40 The Burning Islands Issue 40 Summary
39 The Violent Tragedy of Jean Rimbaud Issue 39 Summary
38 None Issue 38 Summary 2
37 None Issue 37 Summary 2
36 Recollections Issue 36 Summary 2
35 Is this your first time? Issue 35 Summary 5
34 Tennessee Smith and the Kasbah Kaper Two d20 Modern scenarios that are designed to be playable an hour or less. The first is the pulp adventure Tennessee Smith and the Kasbah Kaper featuring a car chase through a city bazaar. The second The Survivors deals with a mysterious intrusion into the life of an ordinary Medieval village. Click here 5
33 The Passover Feast: Part One: The Beginning The first part of a Mage campaign that is set in the Mage London setting. Click here 2
32 This is our history A review of the impact technology is having on roleplay. Looking at MP3 based RPG radio, PDF distribution. MMORPGs, utility programs and anything else that interested me in 2005. Click here 6
31 Lustria Regained A second special issue dedicated to Lustria that includes notes on creating characters from the Slann Empire, typical jungle monsters, notes on the first appearance of the Amazon and the (proverbial) much, much more. Click here 1
30 None An issue of general articles, chat and rpg tomfoolery in the high zine style. Click here 5
29 Barley Hamlet A World of Darkness/Call of Cthulhu rural Britain setting and campaign outline. Click here Released at Dragonmeet 2004
28 Lustria An overview of the Lustrian continent from WFRP and a scenario out line to go with it. Click here Released at Dragonmeet 2004
27 Mage London An issue devoted to the Mage RPG, taking a look at the city of London from a Mage's point of view. Hopefully good material for all modern supernatural/occult type games. Click here 5
26 None A return to the Heart of the City series with an entire issue devoted to looking at fantasy cities and how to create better cities for roleplaying in. Click here 0
25 Glorantha Rules! An issue entirely dedicated to different rules systems for running Glorantha including big reviews of Heroquest and Pendragon Pass and a proposal for converting Glorantha Cults and their magic into Exalted Charms. Cover by Darran Sims. Click here 2
24 Yourself A huge double-sized 10th anniversary issue that serves to catch up on all topics in the last six issues. Loads of letters, more setting outlines, more discussion of wargames, more reviews, more everything! Click here 0
23 None This issue greatly expands the "Floating Island" setting outlined in issue 19. Now renamed "Mursuiva" this issue includes a description of the people who live in and around Mursuiva, their religion, their views and a little of their history. There is also an example of a magical ruin and the kind of adventures that can be run there. Click here 0
22 None An issue dedicated to war boardgames. Click here 9
21 Star Wars Entirely given over to material for and reviews of the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars RPG. Click here 6
20 twenty War thoughts, experimental Mage scenario and thoughts on webzines. Click here 10
19 Sketchbook II More ideas, letters and articles to help inspire you. Click here 13
18 Sketchbook Half-baked thoughts presented as a springboard for your own ideas. Click here 5
17 Creation An issue to discuss the sources of creativity and its pitfalls with the RPG scene. Click here 8
16 Greyhawk Nights FRPG scenarios with a Noir twist. Click here 0
15Greyhawk Noir Ed Collins cover (Guggenheim), notes on running Noir style FRPG games, reviews, Heart of the City 3 Click here 0
14 Nu-Trixx Two WFRP style scenarios and an article on Arms and Armour in Fantasy Settings by Tim Eccles Click here 0
13 The Ugly Dog Issue Werewolf: The Wild West scenario; SLA Industries campaign write-up; Heart of the City: One; The Fig Tree; Magic in FRPG; Sensation/Henry Moore; Notes on an Orc Culture Click here 7
12 None Cubist cover.
I think most people liked this issue. I love the cover!
Click here 2

Carnel Collections

These collections bring all the articles from the older issues together into one more cohesive package. They are also easier to produce than the old pre-DTP masters. Follow the various links to find out more about the individual collections. For details on how to order a collection click here.



In between Carnels particularly very delayed ones I sometimes put out a small booklet called "Camel". This usually contains news and articles from the stricken issue.

Previous Volumes
Issue NumberSub-TitleContents
Volume Two: Misery and Sermons
8 None Christmas Issue. Articles on Gencon, Tarot cards, Gaki excerpt from Tetsubo
As reviewed in Ivory, Peacocks and Apes #2
9 coda part one Pixelled cover (ace!), lots of letters, article about religion in FRPGs by Professor Barker of EPT fame, money and armour Tetsubo extracts
10 coda part two First carnel where I was writing most of it again. Depressed figures cover (by me); Charnel Houses of the Shoah review; Tetsubo Ninja rules extract; Zen and the art of adventure gaming by Dave Morris; Short essay about the Internet: One; Mog comic strip; Zine reviews
11 For Sale Spashett cover; Kenicke reviews; Thoughts on Arcane's Demise; Clanbook Cappadocian review; Sun, Surf and Samurai scenario for Tetsubo; A Second Short Essay about the Internet; Drew Tucker appreciation and pictography
New York Vampire - Issue 7
7 This issue still hasn't been written to date. It's going to be a Vampire: The Masquerade special campaign write up when I do do it.
Volume One: I wanted to be a great artist - Click here for details
1 None Editorial on Kurt Cobain's death and montage. Generic fantasy scenario. Generic fantasy magic item.
2 None Gypsy cover; CoC fiction; last part of the New World Rose Chantry write-up (Mage) and a massive discussion about the RPG Kult
3 None Cannot remember anything about this one...
4 A Dark Misbegotten Winter: One Or this one
5 A Dark Misbegotten Winter: Two Very Rare! The initial print run was only five copies. Features a James Dean cover.
6 None Gencon reports, Tetsubo Character Generation Rules. Reviews of "Over the Edge" CCG and Rifts: Phase World; CoC fiction. Sean Connery cover and terrible Magic joke.
Last A4 issues
Number Description Quantity </THEAD>
1 Something of a manifesto for the revised Carnel 7
2 News, Notting Hill/Festen review, El Paso (Wasteland Games) review, James Byrd article letters 10 </TR>
3 News,Dragonmeet writeup, Quotes 10 </TR> </TABLE>

It's f**king ace looking back over all these carnel's. It is very odd to see your life unfurl in the form of little A5 booklets and I'm glad to have the record now. Issues 1-6 form one definite block of zines. These cost 50p per issue but as you may have noticed I am deliberately running down the stocks. I am planning to publish a collection at some point. The collection will have all the old material but will it be expanded upon where changes in time and space require it.